Juku Nails! <3

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Hey lovelies ❤

How gorgeous are these Peach Half Moon Juku Nails?

They’re so easy to apply and look very professional and neat! You can find Juku Nails on the ASOS website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They have a range of gorgeous Japanese inspired nail designs to choose from and are perfect for all occasions.

Why not check their lovely designs out for yourself by clicking here.


How to apply Juku Nail Transparent Nail Adhesives ❤

Step One: Prepare your nails by pushing back your cuticles with the cuticle pusher provided in your Juku Nails pack.

Step Two: Clean, buff and dry your hands completely to ensure your Juku Nails adhere properly.

Step Three: Select the correct sizes to fit on your nails.

Step Four: Gently remove the top and bottom clear film from the Juku Nail strip.

Step Five: Hold the Juku Nail strip and place the rounded side at the nail base with the sticky side down.

Step Six: Fold and gently file away any excess Juku Nail strip from around the nail in a downwards motion.

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When cutting the excess Juku Nail strip from the tip of your nails, I found it easier to cut the majority of the excess Juku Nail strip with a pair of nail scissors. Then gently cut the remaining excess with some nail clippers to get right up close to your nail. I then used a clear nail polish to go over the top of my Juku Nails to give them a gorgeous shine.

These Peach Half Moon Juku Nails are amazing because you can either have them how they are, or you can jazz them up a bit by applying some jems/nail art. You can even paint your nails first with a colour of your choice and apply the Peach Half Moon strips over the top. The Peach Half Moon Juku Nails pack costs just £7 and they last for up to 10 days!

2014-11-23 12.16.54

2014-11-23 10.40.06

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