LVL Lash Treatment – Before and After <3


So, being a beauty blogger means I have a strong addiction towards pretty lashes. This addiction has resulted in me applying clump lashes with strong ass glue non stop for the last 2 years. My lashes used to have a slight curl before this addiction and they would also be so long that they touched the bottoms of my eyebrows when I looked up to the sky (oh the memories!). Ok, so my lashes definitely weren’t the longest but they were still pretty decent now that I look back on them.

Anyways, me being me, I wasn’t happy with what I had so I decided to apply clump lashes every couple of weeks to make my lashes look thicker and perhaps slightly longer too. I never wanted them to look ridiculously long so I just wore short false lashes but they really helped to make my eyes stand out and from there my addiction began. The problem with the harsh glue was that when I was removing the sets of lashes after 2-3 weeks it would pull out some of my natural lashes, leaving me with gaps. The false lashes were also heavy on my natural lashes so now they’re almost dead straight! Here are some photos of my natural lashes before I had my LVL treatment:

As you can see they’re so boring, straight and you can hardly see them. I’ve been using the Nouveau Lashes eyelash conditioning serum to help them grow. In the above photos I had been using the serum for 4 weeks and I can definitely see a huge improvement already, however I do need to keep using it and hopefully in a few months time my lashes will be back to normal.

So this week I visited Shimmer, a lovely salon in Weymouth. Gemma conducted the LVL treatment where she ‘permed’ my lashes as well as tinting them. I had to have a patch test the week before to make sure I wasn’t allergic to any of the products used as part of the treatment. Gemma applied a small amount of the products behind my ear which only took a couple of minutes. I returned on Wednesday for my treatment which was very relaxing as I was able to lie down in a comfortable seat. The treatment itself took around 45 mins and it also included a complementary hand and arm massage which was lovely and relaxing!


So, what happens during the LVL treatment?

Well, LVL is basically a lash perm that straightens your natural lashes at the root. It helps to create the effect of longer, lifted lashes and it lasts for up to 6-8 weeks! The results are immediate after the treatment but I definitely loved the results even more after a couple of days. I brush my lashes upwards each morning to separate my lashes which helps make them appear thicker.

Gemma also tinted my lashes as part of the LVL treatment which gives a mascara effect, helping my lashes look even longer!


So here are some photos the following day after the treatment. I am so in love with the results and Gemma did an amazing job! I will definitely be returning in the future to get them done again. Although I love false lashes, I love my natural lashes even more now that I have had this treatment. ❤

Gemma charges £35 for an LVL treatment at Shimmer Beauty in Weymouth. I would highly recommend both this treatment and booking in with Gemma if you live locally. She was very gentle when carrying out the treatment as well as making sure I was comfortable throughout.

I can’t believe the difference LVL has made to my natural lashes. Before the treatment you could hardly see my lashes, now they look so much longer. I’ve still got a little way to go in terms of making my lashes thicker and filling in any remaining gaps, so I’m going to continue using the Nouveau Lashes Conditioning Serum which has been a god send already! I’m still able to apply the serum even after the treatment which is fab. I will be returning to Gemma in a few weeks so I will make sure I publish another post on my final results after using the serum a few more months.


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