Black, Black, Errrythang Black <3


I’ve decided to dedicate this post to my love for black clothing, black accessories, black shoes, black nails, black errrythang. So if you’re not that into black then this post may not be for you, soz. I just love how black goes with everything, even with black. It does’t have to look gothic and you can add some silver or gold bling to lighten it up a bit. I swear most of my Summer wardrobe this year was black… Forget the bright colours! It means you don’t have to look for seasonal colours to wear which you then have to put away after a few weeks because the season has changed.. You can just just wear the same clothes throughout the year. PERFECT hey?!


Starting off, I thought I’d share with you a couple of gorgeous black playsuits from Moth Clothing.

The first playsuit is this gorgeous lace style that I have worn on top of a black lace bralet. It has a very large cut out back but from the front looks as though it’s a high neck as there is a small button at the back of the neck. I LOVE THIS because it can be styled in so many ways and looks shexy for a night out.


Ok, so second playsuit from Moth Clothing is beautiful and unique. I mean, how could you not love this? The thing I lovee about it is it even looks great with high waisted denim jeans! Oh but wait.. they’re not black. Ok, high waisted black denim jeans!


I adore this beautiful lace choker from Chokers with Charm. I can’t believe their chokers are hand made… They’re so stunning ❤ I love to wear this with a low cut top or an off the shoulder top… black of course.


Finally, my hair is basically black so this definitely counts! My gorgeous curly clip in extensions from LullaBellz. They don’t cost a fortune yet they’re such high quality. The best thing about them is they keep their curls so you don’t have to worry about the curls dropping throughout the day. You can also receive 10% off w/code ‘ABBY10’ 🙂



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