LVL Lash Treatment – Before and After <3

2 years of harsh eyelash glue has really damaged my natural lashes, so I’ve been using a conditioning serum to help my lashes recover. I’ve also had an LVL lash treatment on my natural lashes and here are my results… … More LVL Lash Treatment – Before and After ❤


My stay at The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch <3

I’ve always heard good things about this hotel so before I got there I knew it definitely wasn’t going to be a let down. I go to London every now and again to attend blogger events and just to spend a little time away with family… because we all love a bit of sight seeing don’t we? 🙂 … More My stay at The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch ❤

My 23rd Birthday! <3

I am still in shock that I turned 23 just a few days ago.. Man I’m starting to realise that I’m turning into a fully grown adult. I even had to tell my boyfriend off for calling me a ‘girl’ yesterday. “No I’m not a girl” I replied, “I’m a woman”. At what age do you turn from a girl into a woman? Is there a set age? … More My 23rd Birthday! ❤

My Summer so far… <3

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been on holiday and this weekend I went to London for the weekend with a couple of other bloggers for dinner and drinks (it was lovely). I’m having a busy Summer (/year) so far and time is flying wayyyy to quickly.. I can’t believe I’m 23 in a couple of weeks. CRAZY! So I’ve decided to do a random post on what I’ve been up to so far this Summer… … More My Summer so far… ❤