LullaBellz Hair Extensions <3

Hey Readers!

Around a year ago I made the brave decision to chop my hair off short. I really wanted my hair to feel thick and healthy again. I’ve found it so much easier having shorter hair. It’s easy to wash, easy to style and feels amazing. Having said that, there are days where I miss having long hair that I can do anything with. I love having long hair for nights out and for special occasions so these clip in hair extensions from LullaBellz are perfect! 🙂

You could spend so much money on hair extensions that you then have to curl yourself everyday. These extensions from LullaBellz are already curled and stay curly 24/7. They’re easy to apply and comfortable to wear all evening long. They don’t cost a fortune either! The set that I am styling in this post costs just £25 and is LullaBellz ‘Super Thick 250g 8 Piece Curly Hair Extensions’ and you can receive 10% off with code ABBY10

The photo on the left is my natural hair. It’s quite short, not very thick and pretty lifeless. The photo on the right is my hair after putting in my clip in LullaBellz extensions. I absolutely love how thick and long they make my hair. They’re perfect for a night out and so easy to take out before going to bed.


You can find a range of styles at LullaBellz including curly ponytails, straight ombre extensions, ombre ponytails, thick straight extensions and super thick beach wavy extensions. They all look gorgeous and I’m definitely going to buy a few more sets soon! Find me on Instagram (Abbyeautifulx) to view my results 🙂


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to use my 10% discount code if you decide to make a purchase at LullaBellz. Please also share your before and after pics on Instagram and be sure to tag both myself and LullaBellz because we’d love to see them!

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