About Me

About Abbyeautifulx

I’m 23 years old, living on the south coast of England. I love marketing with a passion ❤ I have recently completed a Level 4 Diploma in Digital Marketing as well as being a qualified Beauty Therapist. I love all things beauty and fashion. 🙂


I enjoy blogging and advertising for a variety of online retail companies, so please get in touch if you are interested by emailing me at abbyeautifulx@gmail.com

iIhave collaborated with a variety of online retail companies, such as MissGuided, PUMA, Benefit Cosmetics, Lipsy London, IKRUSH, The Balm Cosmetics, MissPap and many more.

Social Networking

To keep up to date with my latest product recommendations and reviews, please follow me 🙂 follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter by searching @abbyeautifulx

You can also find me on YouTube

Please note: I will only blog about items that, after sampling, I am happy to feature on my blog. I will always give my honest opinion about the items I feature on my blog and any paid for collaborations will be marked with an ‘*’ within the post.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey totally random but just to let you know that someone has made a fake profile of you on Facebook, claiming to be a modelling agency, and I’m assuming asking girls to send pictures of themselves ect, they had contacted me but I just ignored it. The Internet can be so dangerous now days, so I hope your able to go on and inform people that is a scam. The name is Rebecca Hassan ‘she’ has used a lot of your pictures on this profile aswel, if you need anyone information about the page please email me, thank you xo


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