BD Trade Secrets Eye Shadow Palettes <3

BD Trade Secrets Eye Shadow Palettes ❤ ❤

Every girl needs an eye shadow palette collection. You can achieve so many different looks with eye shadow alone.

You can completely change the appearance of your eyes with just a touch of eye shadow which is why an eye shadow palette is a must have in your make up bag! 🙂


image1 (5)

I absolutely love this BD Trade Secrets eye shadow palette that comes with 4 different shimmery colours.

It comes with a light shimmery cream colour – great for highlighting your eyebrow bones, a slightly darker beige which is perfect for blending or using as a subtle shade on your eye lids, a dark brown which is perfect for using in the outer section of your eyelids and also when applied to the crease of your eyelids and finally a gorgeous shimmery green to add colour to your lids that totally stands out! x

image2 (1)

Here is a look I achieved today with this eye shadow palette. I am in love with the shimmery green eye shadow! 🙂

Perfect for the spring/summer season x

This eye shadow palette is also perfect for nights out or simply or for going to a special occasion. You can get really creative with it and can achieve so many different looks with just these 4 colours. This palette is a definite must have in your make up bag and you can purchase it from the Tesco website. These palettes cost just £8.99 and come in a variety of different colours so you can find one that’s right for you.

Top tips when choosing an eye shadow colour to suit the colour of your eyes:

Some people never really think about it, but actually there are certain colours that complement certain eye colours. Find your eye colour below and find out what eye shadows suit your eyes.. 🙂

Blue eyes – Stay away from blue eye shadows! Blue eyes look great with earth tones, such as browns, a slight purple base on the eyelid, taupe and slate grays. Pink and purple eye shadows also look lovely in contrast to your eyes. 🙂

Brown eyes – Almost any colour suits brown eyes. However, they look lovely with a touch of green or pink eye shadow. A nice brown smoky eye look is also my favourite 🙂

Green/Hazel eyes – Try wearing purple shades to get your green eyes to really stand out. This will also help to make your eyes look more dramatic. Warm colours with slight orange undertones also look stunning on green/hazel eyes and so does gold 🙂


image2 (2)

I have been looking everywhere for a base to apply before my eye shadow! I find that without a base, my eye shadow can clump up throughout the day. However, this natural coloured cream base from BD Trade Secrets is perfect! You only need to apply a small amount to your eye lids and your eye shadow will stay flawless all day. It is my favourite product to use and is like my best make up friend! x

You can purchase this BD Trade Secrets Even Smoother Eye Shadow Base from the Tesco website for just £5 and it will last ages! ❤ ❤


image6 (1)

Finally, I received a couple of singular eye shadow palettes from BD Trade Secrets to try. These are lovely because you can buy a variety of different individual colours that will suit the look you want to achieve. These singular palettes aren’t as shimmery as the previous palette. However, they can be used for so many looks! x

Here is a simple look I achieved with this one basic colour:

image5 (1)

I used tried this colour our on my right eye in the photo above. I simply applied some of the eye shadow below my bottom lashes and blended it in. I also applied some to the outer corner of my top lashes. This helps to make my eyes appear longer, which I love! I don’t usually apply harsh eye liner, so this is perfect for achieving a smoky eye liner look. The perfect look for casual make up ❤ ❤

These singular eye shadow palettes can be purchased from the Tesco website for as little as £3.99! So you don’t have to spend a fortune and they are the perfect size for keeping in your hand bag. x

Eyes xx

Here are the two very different looks I achieved with my BD Trade Sectrets eye shadow palettes.


Check out the BD Trade Secrets make up collection by clicking here x

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