Flash Tattoos <3

Flash Tattoos - Beach Cafe UK
Flash Tattoos – Beach Cafe UK

Hey lovelies ❤

Are you looking to get away and go on a beach holiday this winter?

I really wanted to share with you these gorgeous Flash Tattoos that can last up to 4-6 days! They’re fantastic for summer time and for beach holidays and they’re so easy to apply! 🙂 They are from Beach Cafe who are an online store that sells luxury designer swimwear and beachwear, including a variety of Flash Tattoos, Kaftans, hats, bags and jewellery. I would definitely recommend checking out their website as they have some gorgeous designer products at affordable prices for your holidays.


On the back of each strip of Flash Tattoos provides you with a guide on how to apply these lovely tats. The pack I have been sent are the Zahra Flash Tattoos, however, there are a variety of different packs to choose from, such as the Goldfish Kiss H2O Flash Tattoos, Chloe Flash Tattoos, Josephine Flash Tattoos, Sofia Flash Tattoos, Lena Flash Tattoos, Nikki Flash Tattoos, Dakota Flash Tattoos and Child of Wild Flash Tattoos.

Prices for the Flash Tattoos range from £29-£35, which is so worth it! You get 4 sheets of Flash Tattoos in a pack and you can cut them up to fit perfectly on your skin. By getting really creative, you can come up with some beautiful designs for your holiday! Although I’m sadly not going on a beach holiday this winter, I plan to use mine for parties and for Christmas as they will look fab with a nice dress to match 🙂


How to apply Beach Cafe Flash Tattoos

Application is quick and easy and takes no time at all. In some places, it may be easier if you have a friend to help you apply your Flash Tattoo. This will make application easier as you don’t want to twist or stretch your skin whilst applying your Flash Tattoo.

Firstly, you need to make sure your skin is clean, dry and free from any lotions or oils so that your Flash Tattoo can adhere properly.

Secondly, you need to cut out the Flash Tattoo of your choice from the sheets provides in your pack. It is important to cut the tattoo out as close to the tattoo as possible so that you are able to line your tattoos up effectively.

Then, you need to remove the clear sheet that is covering the Flash Tattoo and place the tattoo on your skin, face down.

Once you have placed your Flash Tattoo where you want it, you need to hold a wet cloth against the tattoo for about 30 seconds.

after 30 seconds, you need to peel the paper aside and pat gently with the wet cloth.

And there it is, your very own Flash Tattoo! 🙂



Removal of Flash Tattoo

All you have to do is soak the tattoo with baby oil or olive oil for around 1 minute, then scrub it off. Repeat this step as necessary and then apply some lotion to soothe the skin area.


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Beach Cafe


Thank you for reading and have a lovely Sunday x


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