Want fuller lips and thicker lashes? <3


So if you’re like me you’ve probably tried & tested an endless number of lip plumping products as well as fibre lash mascaras and various shades of lipgloss. I can’t blame you.. But how many of them actually lived up to expectations?

Lip Voltage The Powerhouse ❤

This lip plumping product contains not one, not two but three lip plumping ingredients! It gives a cool sensation to the lips and I felt no pain at all. Here are my results after having the product on my lips for just a few minutes. Not only does this product work as a lip enhancer but it really moisturises your lips and lasts a long time.

This product helps to enhance your lips and can be used on a daily basis. It’s a cheaper alternative to cosmetic surgery and I love that it gives a natural finish whilst making my lips look fuller.


Lip Plumper Before


Lip Plumper Aftter

Fibregenics Mascara ❤

This is a 3 in 1 mascara that helps volumise your lashes, making them look dramatic and thick. It is a fibre based mascara without any fibre drop and it can easily be removed from your lashes at the end of the day.

This mascara has been designed to give a one step fibre mascara with it’s own bonding system unlike other fibre mascaras I have tried where there are 3 steps to the application process.

The wand is perfect! Not too thick and is great for helping to curl your clashes as well as lengthen them.


Colorgenics Red to Pink Lipgloss ❤

I always wondered if it was possible to buy a lipgloss with two shades. Well here is it.. The Colorgenics Red to Pink Lipgloss! It features 7 pre selected mixing chambers so you can decide whether you want a more pink or red shade for the day. It is highly pigmented and leaves your lips with a gorgeous shine that lasts ages as well as containing Vitamin E.

Here’s me trying out a more pink shade:



I discovered these products at Dreamweave & Co. They sell a number of high quality beauty products and they don’t cost an absolute fortune either. If you’re looking to achieve fuller looking lips on a daily basis then I’d highly recommend their lip plumper along with the Colorgenics Lipgloss to give your lips a gorgeous colour.

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