Get skinny for Summer! <3


I can’t believe this amazing weather that has hit the UK over the last few days and I hope this is the start of a good Summer. I’ve been trying to cut out all chocolate, crisps and generally unhealthy stuff over the last couple of weeks in the hope that I will shed a few pounds. I have a sweet tooth and so cutting out chocolate & sweets has been tough but I know it will be worth it in the end. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Skinny Coffee Club


If you love a coffee fix then this plan will be perfect for you! Who would have thought there could be a diet program around coffee, ey?!

I’ve started off with one pack of coffee which is enough for a 28 day weight loss program. It has been proven to burn fat fast, speed up your metabolism and also cut cravings. I only had my chocolate cravings for the first few days of starting my diet and I find that drinking the coffee replaces the chocolate bar I would usually have at either lunch time or when I get home from work. Not only that but this coffee also helps reduce the feelings of bloating I get whilst on a diet.


2 weeks in to my diet and I can already feel the difference. They do say that the coffee works even without doing any exercise but I have been going swimming 2-3 times per week and have been taking the dog out for walks on the weekends. I do find it tough to fit exercise in to my daily lifestyle but I didn’t want to start this diet without doing any exercise at all, especially as I am going on holiday in 8 weeks so the clock is ticking!

I’m really happy with the results so far and am going to keep persisting with my diet routine. Eating healthier, drinking the coffee and cutting out the rubbish foods makes me feel happier in myself. I feel more awake at work, more motivated and my skin also looks so much healthier!

Skinny Coffee Club currently have an offer of 20% off which is ending at midnight tonight.. Just enter NEWME at checkout ❤


Thank you for taking the time to read my post. If you’re currently dieting for the Summer then please get in touch with any tips you may have. I love finding out what works well when trying to shed a few pounds and also toning up.

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