International Women’s Day 2016

International Women’s Day – 8th March 2016

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Hey girls!

So did you know International Women’s Day is coming up? It’s a day for the world to show their love for women and to celebrate the social, economic cultural and political achievements of women. Because you know, we are great! 🙂

Women now have so many more rights than they had before. We’re now able to go to university, work and have real choices that can have a huge impact on society. In some countries such as Cambodia, China (for women only), Nepal, Russia and many more, IWD is an official holiday… How cool?! I am wishing it is recognised as an official holiday here in the UK!


So what am I doing to celebrate International Women’s Day?

I’ve decided to film a YouTube (makeup) tutorial focusing on a Beyonce inspired look. This tutorial is to help celebrate International Women’s Day and I have created a makeup look inspired by a female who I believe is incredible. I have chosen Beyonce because she is so powerful with her songs and is known globally because of her unbelievable voice and stage presence. Who are your favourite fierce females?

During this video I have used some of my favourite products including my Nouveau lash strip lashes. These lashes help to create a unique look and they have a variety of styles, some natural and some that stand out. Scrolling through the internet I noticed that Beyonce likes to wear subtle makeup. She is naturally beautiful and sometimes a little makeup goes a long way. I decided to create this look which is featured in her DeJa Vu music video. For this look her eye makeup is quite heavy but I decided to try a look a hadn’t done before. The Nouveau Lashes really help to complete this look and help to shape the eyes.

You can check out my YouTube Beyonce (DeJa Vu) inspired makeup tutorial here.


Thank you for reading my post on International Women’s Day. Please remember to ‘like’ the post and leave a comment letting me know what you will be doing for this years IWD. Who do you think is an amazing woman? I’d love to hear your feedback & thoughts.

You can view the full Nouveau Lash range by visiting their website.



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