February Favourites <3

Hey everyone!

So whilst I’m sat here watching Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway I’ve decided to write a post on my favourite purchases for this month.. Kinda like a monthly favourites.

I’ve been stocking up on a few bits this month because in 3 weeks time I will be jetting off to Californ-I-A! I’m super excited and I will be vlogging my whole trip over on my YouTube channel. So if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet then just search ‘Abbyeautifulx’ over on YouTube to follow my adventures next month! I’ve got some exciting trips planned for whilst I’m out there including a visit to Too Faced HQ and a trip to LA INK – High Voltage Tattoo Studio.

So yes, back to the subject of this post… My February Favourites, here we go…


February Favourite #O1

You may or may not have seen the blog post i published last weekend on the Spectrum Collections makeup brushes (mermaid inspired)… Well of course I needed to buy a mermaid inspired bag to match. This rose gold shell bag is from Skinny Dip London, one of my favourite shops right now! They sell so many sweet bags, phone cases and random bits & bobs that you could spend hours on their website or in their store in London. I’ve decided to remove the strap and use this shell bag as a makeup bag for my trip to LA. This sweet phone case (iPhone 5S) matches perfectly and is also from Skinny Dip London.



February Favourites #O2

Nike Air Max Thea Black – £90 ❤

I’ve had my eyes on the Nike Air Max Thea trainers for weeks and I desperately wanted them in a khaki/camel colour but they had completely sold out, apart from on eBay where they were selling for a couple of hundred (£££)… Gutted. I then made a decision on whether to purchase them in white/grey or black. I thought grey initially because right now grey is my favourite, but then I decided on black because they will go well with anything. I decided to buy these because they are the perfect shoes to wear whilst shopping in LA.. I mean every girl needs a pair of shoes to go shopping in doesn’t she?!

They’re super comfy and I know that if I were to wear any other type of shoe to stroll around LA in then my feet would be killing by lunchtime (NOT GOOD)! I’ve made the uncomfortable shoe mistake one too many times and I’m not about to do it again…



February Favourites #o3

Third and final favourite for this month are these matching hoodie and trackie bottoms from Rebellious Fashion. As I previously mentioned, grey is my favourite colour right now so this matching set is gorgeous! It’s so comfy to wear just lounging around the house but also looks great to wear out. I’m not one for wearing crop tops, but the trackie bottoms are high waisted which makes them perfect.


Come say ‘Hey!’

You can find me on the following social media sites by searching ‘Abbyeautifulx’. I also filmed a YouTube video today which should be published by tomorrow evening so why not head on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe to keep up to date with my latest videos?




YouTube ❤

Thank you for reading my post. Please give it a ‘like’ and leave a comment if you have any product recommendations. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Remember, you can follow my blog to receive my latest posts via email or follow me on Instagram for daily updates!




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