Mermaid Inspired Makeup Brushes <3

Hey girlies (and guys, of course)

Happy Valentines Day Eve! I’ve decided to do a post on my new makeup brushes from Spectrum Collections because they are so adorable 🙂 I mean, how can you not fall in love with these?

Love at first sight ❤

I have been a huge fan of mermaids since I was a child, watching Disneys Little Mermaid on repeat. I used to draw pictures of mermaids all the time and I wished I had a fish tail instead of legs (thank god that didn’t come true!).

So now my big obsession is makeup brushes and what better than a set of mermaid inspired brushes? The bristles are so soft and great for blending. They’re so beautiful I just want to keep them clean all the time.

Ombre is also extremely popular these days so the style of bristles are really beautiful. Spectrum Collections also sell a variety of mermaid inspired brush cases and other accessories so I would definitely recommend browsing their site if you’re a mermaid fan too!


Come say ‘Hey!’

You can find me on the following social media sites by searching ‘Abbyeautifulx’. I also published a video on my YouTube channel this week on a Kylie Jenner inspired make up look, so why not check it out?




YouTube ❤

Thank you for reading my post. Please give it a ‘like’ and leave a comment if you have any makeup brush recommendations. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Remember, you can follow my blog to receive my latest posts via email or follow me on Instagram for daily updates!




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