Beauty Christmas gift ideas <3

I am getting a teeny bit excited for Christmas already. I love buying people gifts and wrapping them up in lots of pretty ribbons and Christmassy wrapping paper. So I’ve decided to publish a post on some little beauty treats I already have from i know Christmas can be an expensive time of the year, so I am going to share with you some brand alternatives that are high quality but don’t break the bank. ❤


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Sunkissed Christmas Gifts ❤

I am a huge fan of Sunkissed beauty products. Not only is the packing simply gorgeous but the products are high quality and they make the perfect gifts for a friend without costing a fortune! All of these products come in unique gift style boxes which is another reason I think they are great for Christmas.

The eye shadow palette in this photo comes on its own and is full of bronzy colours. There are a couple of matte shades in the palette but most of them are shimmery… Great for Christmas! In the lid of the palette are some brushes and lip shades which makes this palette every girls dream! It is a great size for keeping in your make up bag or handbag because it’s so compact and comes with everything a girl needs.

The remaining products in this photo are eyelash curlers, a sharpener, eye shimmers, a mascara and a black & white eyeliner. These are simple products that every girl needs in their makeup bag! All of the products in this photo are all the things a girl needs for the perfect eye look. You can create so many different eye designs with just these products and the various shades in the eyeshadow palette means you can use them all year round and not just for Christmas. ❤


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I bagged myself a few other pieces from Frolickings Cosmetics ready for Christmas, including this compact Sunkissed bronzer palette with a brush. It’s nice to have a bit of a tan even during the winter months, so this palette is another product that is perfect for all year round. It is quite a large product and so will last for ages. I love to apply a small amount of this lightly over my face when I want a more bronzed look.

With regards to brand alternatives, these W7 products on the right in the photo are literally a girls best friend!

The W7 ‘A Hint of Bali’ is a deep red, kiss proof lip and cheek product. It can be used as both a lip colour and also a liquid blusher. You can easily apply this with your finger to really make it look blended and beautiful.

The W7 ‘A Hint of Rio’ is sort of a fuschia pink shade and is also a lip & cheek stain. Again, this is a beautiful product and is so easy to use. It is a makeup bag essential for everyone!

The W7 ‘A Hint of Cuba’ is a more orange shade and is a great colour for the Spring/Summer months.

The W7 ‘A Hint of Tahiti’ is every girls dream! the perfect pink shade for all year round and looks gorgeous will almost every makeup look.

The W7 ‘High Lights’ is another product that I would highly recommend. It is a brand alternative liquid illuminator. I love to apply this on my cheek bones and blend it in with the tip of my finger. You can also apply it to your eyebrow bones to make them really stand out. This product makes the perfect Christmas treat and I am sure is on a lot of peoples Christmas lists this year. This brand alternative costs very little but is a great, high quality product from Frolickings Cosmetics.


Sunkissed have introduced this incredible gift set. It comes with 3 lip pencils and 2 lip glosses. This set helps you to create am ombre lip, using the darker shades on the outer corners and the lighter lip pencil in the centre. The lip glosses really help to blend the colours together and make your lips pop! They come in a gorgeous gift box and the colours also look great if you’d rather stick to a simple colour on the lips. This beautiful set which is full of red/pink shades costs just £9.99 from Frolickings Cosmetics! ❤


A bit about Frolickings Cosmetics…

You can find their products on their website or on their Ebay shop. They sell a wide range of beauty products, from makeup to sun cream at great prices. The brands they sell include YSL, Clarins, Benefit Cosmetics, W7, Sunkissed, Dior, Elizabeth Arden, Bomb Cosmetics and many more. Their products don’t only make the ideal Christmas gifts but they are fantastic if you are looking to buy yourself a few new beauty treats without spending too much which is why I had to publish this post and share their website with you.

❤ ❤ ❤

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