Simple Skincare for oily skin <3

Today is a Sunday and on a Sunday I like to keep a fresh, clean face (makeup free) to let my skin breathe. I have quite oily skin and even now at the age of 22 I still get lots of annoying spots! Grrr. Not only that, but during the day my makeup can start to look shiny which causes my foundation to move. Therefore I am always looking for cosmetic products that are going to help keep my oily and spotty skin at bay.

Do you struggle with oily skin? Well here are a couple of essential products that will keep balance out the oils in your skin and will help reduce breakouts caused by this sebum.


Simple Skincare ❤

First off, lets start with this Simple Skincare Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub. It contains Witch Hazel which is great for getting rid of bacteria on your skins surface. This is a very gentle exfoliator and so it is also great if you have sensitive skin. It’s good to use an exfoliator at the end of the day to remove any dirt, make up or grub from the surface of your skin and it also helps to clean out your pores. Therefore reducing the likelihood of dirt building up and forming spots.

The product itself is a white, thin substance with lots of gentle exfoliating goodness. The exfoliants in this product are ‘rice powder’ so its full of natural ingredients which are also perfect for your skin. The product has a very simple smell as no perfumes or fragrances have been added and the product contains no harsh chemicals. This is definitely the kind of exfoliator I would highly recommend!


After using this product, I like to apply a gentle moisturiser which I will then leave to soak into my skin during the night.


My moisturiser of choice would be the Simple Skincare Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser which is great for helping to keep your pores nice and clean. Again, this product is great for people who also have sensitive skin as it contains no harsh chemicals, no fragrance/perfumes and is full of goodness. This moisturiser includes Vitamin E which is perfect for improving the condition of your skin. The ingredient in this moisturiser that helps to mattify your skin (reduces shine) is Tapioca Starch – another natural ingredient. Not only that, but this product contains ingredients to help reduce blemishes too! Just what we like to hear.


The product itself isn’t too thick and doesn’t feel oily on your skin. You can gently feel it being absorbed by your skin whilst feeling fresh and smooth. It’s not the type of product to clog up your pores and generally feels light on your face.

I like to use this product after using the Simple Skincare exfoliator before I go to bed and also in the morning about 20-30 minutes before I apply my primer/foundation. this is because I like to let it gently soak into my skin and work its magic.On days like today when i am having a makeup free day these products are amazing for helping my skin to breathe and feel clean.

It’s nice to have a makeup free day once a week.


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Thank you for reading my blog post, I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know what skincare routines you recommend for oily skin because I love picking up new tips and trying out new products.

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I hope you all have a lovely Sunday! See you soon.

Love, Abbyeautifulx 


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