BPerfect Cosmetics Self Tanning Spray with Instant Bronzer Review <3

I have tried countless self tanning products and I always have something that I dislike about the product. Maybe i’m hard to please or maybe I just like to have a good, natural tan. Either way I have decided to publish a review on the most recent self tanning product I’ve tried. In all honesty this my new favourite and I would even say it’s better than the St Tropez products I was  previously using.


I have tried all kinds of self tanning formulations, such as moisturisers, foams, wipes, the lot. I’ve come to the conclusion that I definitely prefer sprays or foams. This is because the moisturisers leave me feeling super sticky which really is not the best feeling. I used to use the tanning moisturisers that you leave on over night but I had to wear a onesie and socks to bed after applying it because it would stain my bed sheets… not great when they’re white. I have also tried instant tanning products but I found that most of them would go streaky easily, especially if I spilt a bit of water down my leg or washes my hands. So again, I went off those.

I’ve since realised that my best bet is sticking with foams/sprays and heres why:

  1. It’s easier to dispense the right amount of product you need, so you don’t go overload. Meaning you can easily judge how many ‘squirts’ you need per body area.
  2. They don’t leave you feeling sticky like the moisturising products although I do apply a small amount of moisturiser before applying this Perfect Cosmetics Self Tanning Spray because it helps to even out the tan.
  3. It’s best to use foams/sprays that you don’t have to leave on for 6-8+ hours whilst the tan develops because you will only have to sleep with it going all over the bed sheets!
  4. They’re so much easier to rub in and to get an even coverage.

BPerfect Cosmetics Self Tanning Spray ❤

This product is the easiest tanning product I have tried. All you need to do is spray a small amount onto a tanning mitt and then gently stroke in upward motions onto your skin. It’s really easy to judge how much you are applying and also the shade you are going to look because the product includes an instant bronzer. This means you can see exactly where you are applying the product and if you have missed any areas. A small amount of the product goes a long way too! You can easily apply a thin layer to your skin and then if you decide you want to go a shade darker, just apply a bit more. The best part about this product is it dries in 10 minutes! This means I can apply it after a shower and it is dry in time for me to go to bed. I had very minimal product on my bed sheets (a hell of a lot less compared with other products I have used) so this by far is a massive bonus. Finally, this product smells great and leaves your skin feeling amazing too, like a light, natural, coconut smell.

Here are some before and after photos of my results:

image1-8 IMG_0458


This Perfect Cosmetics Self Tanning Spray costs £24.99 for a 125ml bottle. It is worth every penny and I have come to realise that its worth spending a bit more on a self tanning product that actually does a great job! ❤


Thank you for reading my second blog post of the day! I hope you enjoyed this one and please leave a comment if you have any self tanning tips. i’d love to hear what products you use and guidance on how to use them. Please give this blog post a ‘like’ if you enjoyed it and remember you can always subscribe to keep up to date with my latest product recommendations and reviews.

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Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Love, Abbyeautifulx


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