September Beauty Favourites <3

Hey lovely readers ❤

So I am currently sat in the car on the way to picking my sister up from a London airport whilst on my laptop with not a lot to do and so I have decided to put together a blog post on my monthly favourite beauty products. I have already published a post last week on my fashion Autumn favourites, so if you haven’t read that one yet then you can do by clicking here.

Anyway, whilst on the topic of airports, one of my favourite things about them is the shopping, especially at London Gatwick & Heathrow. Why, you might ask? Because of the World Duty Free shops! I am therefore going to share with you a couple of my September must haves that you can purchase from the World Duty Free shops at such great prices!

Product #O1 ❤


First off, I am going to start off by sharing with you this trio travel lipstick pack from YSL. These lipsticks normally cost £26 each to buy but this pack of three costs around £56 from the World Duty Free shop at airports. The pack contains two lovely red lip shades and one pink shade. YSL lipsticks are one of my favourite brands of lipsticks because you apply them in the morning and they don’t need topping up for hours. It’s not just the product thats perfect with these lipsticks, but the gold packaging even makes them look like a premium brand of lipstick. These shades will see you right through the year and are great colours for all occasions.

I know the cost of these lipsticks may seem a tad on the pricey side compared with other well loved brands, such as MAC Cosmetics but you rarely need to top up your lipstick when using these YSL shades. This also means you use less of the product and so they last almost forever!

Product #O2 ❤

The second and final product I am going to share with you from the World Duty Free store is this Marc Jacobs perfume called Violet. Not only do literally ALL Marc Jacobs perfumes smell amazing but the bottles are beautiful. This perfume was released in May 2015 and is a limited edition fragrance that is exclusive to travel retail. It is full of warm & sensual shades as well as smelling lovely and fresh with Calabria bergamot, green apple & kumquat. It contains some beautiful scents of white lily, jasmine, magnolia & violet. This has to be one of my favourite Marc Jacobs perfumes and if you are a huge Marc Jacobs perfume fan then I would definitely recommend booking a flight just so you can visit the World Duty Free shop to try this! (haha)

Product #O3


Another of my favourite September products is this tasty chocolate mud mask from Asarii.. When I say tasty I don’t mean I eat it, although it smells good enough to eat! The smell of chocolate is seriously addictive so be warned. Not only is the smell seriously scrumpscious but it leaves your skin feeling amazing. I usually cleanse and exfoliate my face before applying this because it helps to leave my skin feeling moisturised. I apply this to my face of an evening and use it once a week. Most of the time I apply it to my face before watching Eastenders and then remove it once it’s finishes, so 30 minutes is enough time for this chocolate mud mask to work its magic!

Product #O4


My number one thing to do is CONTOUR! I couldn’t leave the house without doing this, I just wouldn’t feel complete. For a great contour palette you don’t need to spend a fortune. Sunkissed have recently released this great contour kit which can be purchased from Frolickings Cosmetics. The palette comes in a sweet box that makes this product perfect for a gift, although I totally recommend using it for yourself if you love to contour! The highlighter/illuminator is seriously great and easy to use! If you are interested in watching my tutorial on using this palette then head on over to my YouTube channel where I have published a video using various Sunkissed products.

Product #O5


My final product for this month has to be Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture Facial Cream, of course! My number one moisturiser of ALL time by one of my favourite makeup brands. Not only is the container just the sweetest most adorable thing you ever will see but all of my dry patches vanish after applying this miracle! I apply this in the morning and also before I go to bed because I do get some dry patches of irritating skin and this is one of the products that cures it for me. It also smells devine, so I honestly could not rate this moisturiser enough! It’s a fairly thick moisturiser (hence facial cream) but lasts months.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, I hope you enjoyed it. Please do let me know what your favourite products are at the moment as I am a HUGEE beauty fanatic so recommendations are appreciated. Please give this post a like and subscribe to my blog if you like what you read! You can also find me on the following social media sites by searching ‘Abbyeautifulx‘:





I hope you have a lovely weekend!




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