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Sometimes all an outfit needs is a pretty pair of shoes. I never really gave shoes much thought until recently and now I feel completely shoe obsessed. To be honest, I used to just wear a pair of Vans most days and would sometimes alternate with a couple of pairs of black pump shoes because i found they looked ok with most outfits. I didn’t have the confidence to wear ‘unique’ shoes or to go out wearing high heels because I felt as though people would look. Most of my wardrobe was full of jumpers, hoodies, jeans and well… casual clothes. But one day I decided to colour co-ordinate my wardrobe which really helped me to start mixing and matching difference styles and colours. I also gathered all of my shoes together which were located in different places around the house and ordered them in heel height at the bottom of my wardrobe. Creating an organised wardrobe is so helpful and makes styling new outfits great fun. I have also starting purchasing new outfits and try to go for more unique styles on purpose because I now appreciate stylish fashion more than I used to, which is why i wanted to share with you a lovely website I have discovered who sell designer shoes…



Here are my lovely Kurt Geiger London Black Blossom Heels from Shoeaholics. Black heels can be worn to dress up so many different outfits and the gold floral buckle makes these so unique. The cross strap detail across the toes give these heels a really chic style and they are the perfect heels for storing in your wardrobe ready to wear for a night out!

1815 4

So you are probably wondering what other designer shoes are available from Shoeaholics, right? Well last night I was sat browsing their website for hours looking for some more shoes, I found some gorgeous purple Ugg Australia boots which were reduced from £160 down to £49. I was then able to use my 20% discount code (which you can use too) on top of this discount to reduce the price even further. I also purchased some lovely Kurt Geiger London sandals which cost £23.20 after applying discount. Before discount was applied, these sandals would have cost £75 so I thought this was an absolute bargain! Who said buying designer shoes cost a lot? ❤

1815 2

Not only do Shoeaholics sell shoes of all styles, but they also sell designer handbags, sunglasses, purses, gloves, scarves, hats and lots more. Their 20% off sale ends 09/08/2015 and they ship to over 30 countries worldwide so you don’t have to miss out! To receive an extra 20% off on top of their offers of up to 75% off on designer products, all you have to do is enter ‘ABBYSHOE20’ at checkout ❤ ❤

This discount code is exclusive for my blog readers to enjoy, so I hope you enjoy using it xx


1815 5

Here is a photo of me styling my Kurt Geiger London heels with a Leilani Crochet Black Playsuit from In The Style UK. You can receive 10% off at In The Style by entering ‘ABBY10’ at checkout.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please give it a ‘like’ or leave a comment if you, like me love shoes! What styles of shoes do you usually go for to style up an outfit? Get in touch and let me know because i love to hear what you think. If you would like to find out more about Shoeaholics and the Kurt Geiger London heels mentioned in this blog post, then please check out my most recent YouTube video to find out more.

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Thank you to Otherway for introducing me to Shoeaholics


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