Longer Lashes & Fuller Brows <3

It’s now fashionable to have bolder brows and longer lashes. Everyone’s out buying brow palettes and false lashes to give themselves the perfect look, but what if you want this look without makeup? Some people are lucky enough to be born with perfectly full brows and luscious long lashes, whilst others (like me) have sparse brows and annoyingly boring lashes.

I have tried a range of eyelash and eyebrow serum products and have found that many of them to work, but I’ve also found that I have spend a large amount of money on serums that don’t actually work. Here is a product that does…



About Lilash Serum ❤

Lilash are an online company who serve many countries round the world with their fantastic cosmetic serums to help enhance your lashes and brows.

Lilash is the name of their eyelash enhancing serum which is applied to to the skin of your eyelids (as close to the eyelashes as you can). After 3 months you can really notice the difference and from then on you can apply the product only three times a week for maintenance.

Librow is the name of their eyebrow enhancing serum which should be applied to the skin of your brows once daily for the first three months to enhance the fullness of your brows. This product can then be applied three times per week for the following 6 months as maintenance.


My before & after pictures ❤


I applied this product most days for three months. On the occasional day I forgot to apply it but I applied slightly more the following day. I found it best to keep this product next to my bed because I preferred to apply it at night before I went to sleep. The after photos are of me with make up applied to my lashes and brows because I absolutely love the results and the results have made applying make up so much easier. This is probably because I am no longer forever trying to make my lashes look longer and my brows fuller in the mornings!

if you’re someone who is interested in trying out a serum that will enhance your lashes and brows then i would definitely recommend checking out the Lilash website to find out more ❤


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Thank you for taking the time to check out my post, I hope you liked it! Let me know your techniques for longer lashes and fuller brows as I’d love to hear from you 🙂 I hope you have a lovely Sunday.

Love, Abbyeautifulx


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