Summer Sandals 2015 <3


This summer we see the rise in popularity of the small heel sandals. I can honestly say I love them! I’m no good at wearing high heels all day long, but I always want to add a little height. These sandals are perfect and I love that they have the contrasted gold heel and sole. ❤

They go perfectly with so many different summer outfits. I have already styled them with floral skirts, a pair of shorts, dresses and jeans. I honestly love them and they are so comfortable to wear, it hardly feels like you are walking in heels.

The gold sole and heel means these shoes are easy to wear for formal occasions too, not only for the summer. They look amazing with a black dress and really make the outfit stand out.


210715 blog

They also have an adjustable black strap which is done up around the ankle. This adds further style to the shoe making them so unique! If you’re interested in buying these sandals or viewing them in a range of other colours, then you can find them at Shoes days

Shoes Days have an amazing range of shoes on their website, from sandals to heels there are something for everyone! I especially love their Sam & Billie Kyla Silver Flatform Chunky Glitter Sandals. They’re so stylish for this summer 🙂


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