Top tips for dry skin this summer <3

Do you suffer with itchy/dry skin? 

There are many causes for dry skin but I know of some top tips that are sure to help your skin feel a million times better in time for the summer ❤ ❤


So, what can cause dry skin?

Dry skin can be caused by many different reasons and some people get it more severe than others. But one things for sure, it can get a little embarrassing and irritating having dry skin so I hope this post helps you with tackling your dry skin issues ready for summer!

Dry skin can be caused by something in the environment or something that you are doing to your skin to remove the layer of moisture from your skins surface. However, for some people the cause for dry skin may not be caused by external factors but instead internally. For example, due to hormones or due to a health condition. Some people may suffer with a dry skin condition that is so bad it gets embarrassing which is why I have decided to put together this blog post to help anyone who suffers from dry skin. My recommendations will be mainly down to skin care and how you can help keep your skin nice and healthy which will help improve dry skin.


Dead Sea Salt ❤

Ok so, many of you probably know the benefits of salty sea water? It really is amazing for your skin and helps with so many skin conditions. If you don’t live by the sea then you can still experience the amazing benefits by using dead sea salt products. Please keep reading if you would like to find out more about it’s amazing benefits to your skin! 🙂


Dead Sea Salt can help with many skin conditions, including Psoriasis, Dry Skin, Eczema and skin allergies. Not only does it help with these skin conditions but it also helps with stress, arthritis, insomnia, muscle aches and pains and pain after intense workouts.

Dead Sea Salts are great for cleansing the skin and getting rid of any impurities. For my skin to receive the benefits of the Dead Sea Bath Salts, I add 1/4 cup of the salts to a warm bath. The Dead Sea Bath Salts are full of natural healing elements that occur naturally within our bodies but are often lost. By soaking in a bath containing Dead Sea Bath Salts, your body is able to feel the benefits from the inside out treating skin conditions and also improving internal processes. This is great for those of you whose dry skin is caused internally, maybe due to stress, hormones etc. But it also helps for those of you who get dry skin due to external factors. Relaxing in a bath containing Dead Sea Bath Salts at least once a week is great for your skin and you will definitely notice the benefits.

Be careful when purchasing Dead Sea Bath Salts as many of the ones you can buy are actually no different to ordinary table salt. This is because many bath salts are often treated before they are sold on and the important minerals are removed. I have found the perfect Dead Sea Bath Salts online and have really noticed the benefits to my dry skin. My skin now feels softer and noticeably healthier.


So what’s in Dead Sea Bath Salts that are so good for my skin?

Calcium ❤ This is an essential mineral within Dead Sea Bath Salts which helps to heal and strengthen bones. It also cleanses pores so is great for healing blemishes. I even use this as a facial scrub once a week because it is so good at cleaning your face especially clogged pores!

Magnesium ❤ This helps to promote the healing of skin quickly, it also provides the skins surface with an anti-allergic element.  (Great for skin allergies)

Sulfur ❤ This is a natural disinfectant and is known as a powerful detoxifying agent which helps your skin to get rid of any toxins! Perrrfect 🙂

Bromide ❤ This helps to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. It also helps to relax your body muscles and calms nerves. Amazing if you have just had a tough workout and want to relax. Also perfect for those of you who enjoy a relaxing bath after a stressful day at the office!

Zinc ❤ When used in a bath, it helps to boost the immune system.

There are many other amazing ingredients in Dead Sea Bath Salts, including Potassium, Iodine and Sodium. These ingredients help to balance the skins moisture which aids the reduction of water retention and the nourishment of cells. They also help with muscle tightness and cramps, detoxifying your body and also benefits to the thyroid gland.



Other benefits of Dead Sea Salts..

Studies have even shown that people who use Dead Sea Salts experience a 40% reduction in depth of wrinkles.. Well that’s good to know! 🙂

Dead Sea Salts are great for aiding blood circulation.

Dead Sea Salts help to relieve allergic reactions by cleansing and detoxifying – Great for this time of the year.

Regular use of Dead Sea Salts help to heal acne and psoriasis. I personally have found that sea salt is amazing at clearing spots. i even have a Dead Sea Salt exfoliator that I use once or twice a week. It is perfect for removing dry patches of skin and for clearing out my pored. You can even use Dead Sea Bath Salts to wash your face with.


Where can I buy Dead Sea Bath Salts?

Ok, so I have found an amazing Dead Sea Bath Salt product which i have been using. It is called Serenity Skincare Dead Sea Bath Salts and their salts come all the way from the River Jordan. Once the water reaches the Dead Sea, it begins to evaporate, leaving salts and minerals. Serenity Skincare get all of their salts from this 100% natural resource. For 1KG of Dead Sea Bath Salt costs just £7.50, you get so much for your money! They also have offers when you buy three.


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