Top Skin & Hair Care Products – May 2015 <3

Nip + Fab, Face B4 & DGJ Organics ❤ ❤


I have oily skin and get blemishes all the time. I am always looking for new skin care products that will help keep my blemishes at bay and leave my skin feeling fresh and healthy. However, I sometimes find that using products specifically designed for very oily skin can also dry out my skin. So I often struggle to find the right products to suit my skin. Feel the same way? Then please keep reading…


Top Tips on Clearing Those Dreaded Blemishes! 

It’s so frustrating waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror only to find your skin has had a break out in blemishes. It is so annoying and it happens to most of us. But there are many ways to prevent bad breakouts. Why not try my top tips?

– Never ever sleep with your make up on, this only clogs up your pores leading to spots! My mum told me once that if you sleep with your make up on then it adds 8 days of age onto your face.. I know she was probably saying it to scare me but it worked!

– Wash your face in the evening after removing your make up. Leave your face feeling fresh whilst you sleep and then wash your face with water or a gentle cleanser in the morning before you apply your make up again. You want to allow your skin to breath over night to prevent breakouts. It’s best to wash your face in the evening because the warm water will open up your pores, allowing your skin care products to work their magic. If you were to apply your make up straight after then you will only clog those pores back up again.

– Drink plenty of water – I know you probably hear those 4 words too often but it really is true. You will notice a massive difference to your skin in such a small amount of time. The water will help to detox your skin, washing out any bad stuff x


Top Skin Care Products That Work ❤ 

So, if you’re looking for more of a gentle anti bacterial cleansing products to use to wash your face each evening then this is definitely the product for you. I love using this before I go to bed. It is so gentle yet leaves your skin feeling so clean.


This Face B4 Anti-Bacterial Face Wash contains salicylic acid which is an ingredient contained in many acne prevention products. It is great for removing impurities and reduces the redness caused by blemishes and spots. This product is a combined cleanser and toner which is perfect for closing the pores back up, preventing any dirt from getting clogged up in your skin after you have washed your face. It is a foamy substance but also feels moisturising at the same time. The product has a pump dispenser which is so useful for keeping by your sink so you can easily dispense some of the product into your hand ready to use. This Face B4 Anti-Bacterial Face Wash costs just £14.99 x


The following is a product that even Kylie Jenner loves and i don’t blame her, it smells divine!

This is the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser (left product in below picture) ❤


As soon as I put the product into the palm of my hand for the very first time I was instantly attracted to the summer fruits scent. I am a sucker for products that smell nice, it gets me hooked.

This cleanser contains Glycolic Acid which is great for the texture of your skin. When you apply this product to your skin you can instantly feel it’s moisturising properties. it feels lushhh! It also contains Apple Amino Acid which provides foaming and moisturising effects to the product. (Again, great for the texture of your skin) Olive oil is used in this product which results in a soothing effect on your skin plus adding more moisture. This product is perfect for those with dry skin or those who would like their skin to feel more soft and smooth.

I am amazed by this cleanser, because although I have oily skin, I also get dry patches of skin which is so frustrating. This product is perfect, because it cleans out my pores yet leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. ❤

At only £7.95, this product is totally worth every penny and I think this has become a life long skin care product of mine! x

The product to the right in the photo above is the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum which is another fantastic skin care product. This is a serum that you apply to your skin at night and leave on allowing the product to work its magic whilst you sleep. It also improves the texture to your skin and noticeably improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as reducing the size of pores instantly. I am wearing this serum as we speak and I can feel the moisture on my skin.. It’s not too sticky as I have known some night serums to be, but my skin feels nice and smooth. It is really important to apply a night time moisturiser after washing your face. This is because warm/hot water can often dry peoples skin out (I get this all the time), so to prevent skin from drying out after showering/washing its a good idea to apply a moisturiser. this also helps the application of foundation the next day, as it will allow your foundation to look flawless if the texture of your skin is well moisturised and hydrated. This Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum costs just £14.95. ❤



DGJ Organics Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner ❤

Argan Oil has become a very popular ingredient in many hair care products recently and it’s so obvious why. If you haven’t tried Argan Oil hair care products then you really are missing out (I hate to say it). If you are a fan of using hair straighteners, curling wands and other damaging hair products then you need a decent hair care routine. I had my hair permed a few years ago which absolutely killed my hair, it left my hair feeling so dry and brittle. Whenever I brushed my hair in the morning it would literally fall out. But after a few trims and introducing a good hair care routine my hair is back to it’s healthy self again.

Admittedly I don’t use hair straighteners, curlers or hair dryers that often anymore because I am quite lazy when it comes to styling my hair. But when I do, I make sure I use products like these DGJ Organics products that contain Argan Oil which are great for improving the condition of your hair.

Once a week or once every other week I will apply a large amount of the conditioner to my hair and I usually leave it on over night or for at least 4+ hours. Leaving the conditioner on your hair for a large amount of time will allow the Argan Oil to sink into your hair, leaving your hair feeling very healthy. This is the perfect treatment for those of you who are suffering with split ends.

I also find that if I wear my hair down when i sleep then I always wake up with my hair feeling dry and horrible. I think this is because of the movement of my head when I sleep which causes my hair to rub and get knotted (not good for the condition of my hair). The best way to prevent this from happening is to wear my hair in a plait to prevent any knots from forming. 

Both the Shampoo & Conditioner are £5.99 each from the DGJ Organics website.


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