MAC Cosmetics Isabel and Ruben Toledo Tinted Lipglass <3

MAC Cosmetics ❤

I love MAC make up, it’s like an addiction. Their recent Isabel and Ruben Toledo limited edition make up release was amaaazing. I kind of wish I bought more! But today I wanted to share with you the two tinted lipglass products I purchased. x

MAC Lipglass

How beautiful is the packaging? I love the design.. Looks so unique and cute 🙂 It’s hardly surprising that they are starting to sell out! You need to get your hands on them quick as they are a limited edition collection, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

This Isabel and Ruben Toledo Tinted Lipglass collection come in a variety of different shades of red.. They’re all beautiful ❤

Here are the various shades that are available to buy from the MAC Cosmetics website:

Lipglass Shades
Image of palette from the Mac Cosmetics website

Unfortunately, Oxblood (the left shade on the palette above) has completely sold out already!

These Isabel and Ruben Toledo Tinted Lipglasses are perfect worn on their own but you can even apply them over the top of a lipstick. They contain Jojoba oil to help soften and moisturise your lips. ❤ ❤

MAC Lipglass 2

These products are the perfect size to keep in your make-up/handbag.

Not only have MAC released various shades of lipglasses in this collection, they have also released various shades of blushers, a super sweet mascara, a make-up bag, eye liner, lipstick, nail lacquer and much more. All have the same beautiful design as in my photos. They are amaaazing 🙂

Check out the Isabel and Ruben Toledo collection by visiting the MAC Cosmetics website now. x

MAC Logo


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