Motives Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette <3

Motives Mavens Element Eye Shadow Palette ❤ ❤

Addicted to eye shadows? Or are you looking for an eye shadow palette to try out some new looks? Well I have found the perrfect palette for you!


image1 (1) image3 (1)

I love the feeling of buying a new eye shadow palette and testing out the new shades and new styles for my eyes. This Motives Cosmetics palette is brilliant because it comes with 8 different colours. All of these colours are amazing at blending into each other so can create the perfect smoky look.


Here is my eye shadow look for today. I achieved this with my Motives Mavens Element Eye Shadow palette. ❤

Eyes 130315

This palette includes both matte and shimmery colours which allows you more styling options. You could just use the matte colours or just the shimmery colours or you could style them both together. You really can achieve so many different styles with this eye shadow palette so it’s up to you to get creative with it. You can achieve your normal casual day look with this palette, but  you can also create a more dramatic evening look too 🙂

eyes 2 130315

The colours in this palette are large which is fab as the product will last a long time. At just £28.75 you get great value for money with this palette. However, just for my lovely readers, you can get 10% off your online order by using the discount code 10OFFMA at checkout. Why not visit my Motives Cosmetics website and finding out more about this lovely palette by clicking here? ❤ ❤


Here are some of my tips for achieving the perfect smokey eye look:

1. Begin your smokey eye look by applying your brow bone highlighter eye shadow colour first. According to L’Oreal Paris ProArtist Mirna Jose, ‘Starting from the brow bone will ensure that the gradient is not negatively affected.’

2. Apply a primer to your eyelids before applying your make up, especially when doing a smoky eye look. This is because primers will leave your eyelids looking smooth, making it easier to blend your eye shadow. This will also prevent creasing.

3. Use a pencil eye liner and blend it into your eye shadow to give them a more smoky effect.

4. Use a good blending brush to blend your eye shadow. Make sure you thoroughly blend your eye shadow if you want to achieve the smoky eye look. The key tip for a smoky look is to BLEND. 🙂


image1 (3)


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