Longer Lashes with Lash Serum Plus <3

Hey lovelies ❤ ❤

You will probably remember my previous post that I published about 6-8 weeks ago now about Lash Serum Plus. I promised you all I would update you with my results, so here you go 🙂

If you haven’t already seen my previous post on this fantastic product, then I definitely recommend giving it a read before you read on about my results. You can find my previous post by clicking here.


Here are my lashes before I began using Lash Serum Plus:

blog 3

blog 2

As you can see, my lashes were so dull and boring. When I wore mascara, my lashes just seemed really sparse and horrible. I hated them. I really wanted to find a product that would help them to grow longer and also make them fuller.

Thank god I tried Lash Serum Plus which made them soo much better..


Here are my results, these photos were taken just 6 weeks after using the product once a day.


blog 1

My lashes are so much longer and there are more of them!  I am so happy with the results 🙂

This product is perfect if you want longer, fuller lashes. Why not give it a try for yourself by visiting the Lash Serum Plus website?


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Have a lovely Sunday ❤ ❤ ❤


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