Delicious snacks delivered straight to your door! <3

Do you enjoy a nice snack in the evening, at work or for lunch?

Well I have found the perfect website to order your delicious snacks at great prices! You can choose whether to order a letterbox of snacks or a parcelbox of snacks.

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Letterbox: When ordering a letterbox of snacks, you will receive 6 snacks of your choice. There are a variety of snacks to choose from so your order is entirely down to you. The letterbox option is also designed to fit straight through your letterbox so delivery is made easy.

Parcelbox: This option is for the more serious snackers or for those who would prefer to order larger packs. When ordering a parcelbox of snacks, you will receive 10 snack packs of your choice.

Delivery is also FREE! 🙂


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Snacks Online UK have a wide range of high quality snacks to choose from, you can decide from their selection of appetizers, cereal snacks, healthy collection, hot & spicy collection, savouries and their yoghurt & chocolate collection. My absolute favourite are their muesli packs which taste so good with flavoured yoghurt. Their packs are the perfect size to fit in your handbag and take to work with you for your lunch. Or they can be stores away in your cupboard for the evenings when you just want to snack whilst watching some TV.

I also love their chocolate coated brazil nuts. I can honestly say I haven’t tasted any as good as these before! I would definitely recommend giving these a try ❤ ❤

You can even get these snack packs delivered straight to your work. Why not store some on your desk? They are the perfect size for your mid morning/mid afternoon snack.

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Snacks Online UK selection:

Chocolate & Yoghurt – Dark chocolate cranberries, dark chocolate coated ginger, fruit flavour yoghurt coated raisins, milk chocolate coated brazil nuts, milk chocolate coated honeycomb, milk chocolate coated nuts and raisins, milk chocolate coated popcorn.

Healthy Collection – Banana chips, blanched peanuts and raisins, caribbean mix, dried apricots, fruit nut & seed mix, mixed nuts and raisins, sunflower seeds, sunset mix, whole almonds, whole brazils, whole cashews and much more.

Cereal Snacks – fruit & seed muesli, granola & raisin mix and fruit & nut mix.

Hot & Spicy – Balti mix, bombay mix, chilli puffs, crispy coated chilli peanuts, crispy coated wasabi peanuts

Savouries – cheese baguettes, Japanese rice crackers, mexicanos, mini salted pretzels, seaweed peanut crackers, toasted corn and more.

There’s so much more to choose from. Why not check out their website and see what snacks you want to try?


Follow SnacksOnlineUK on Twitter to keep up to date with their latest offers. 🙂

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