Perfectly White Teeth <3

Hey lovelies ❤

It feels like so long since I last published a blog post as I was away last weekend in Bath for my mum and aunties birthdays. Although I had a great time away I am so glad to be blogging again now  🙂

This weekend I am sharing with you the perfect product to make your teeth look beautiful and white, without the use of hydrogen peroxide and without paying an absolute fortune at the dentist.


This amazing product is called iWhite and it can be bought online from Look Fantastic which is a company that sells a wide range of beauty products. I would definitely recommend checking out their website, they have brands from Benefit Cosmetics, Bare Minerals, Dermalogica, GHD’s and much more at fabulous prices! ❤ ❤


About iWhite

In my iWhite box, I have received 10 prefilled read-to-use trays and an instruction manual on how to use this product. The instructions are easy to read and the product is so simple to use. I definitely starting seeing results straight away.

I have already used two applications of this product and have decided to use the product on both my top and bottom teeth, although you don’t have to. All you have to do is gently brush your teeth before application to ensure they are nice and clean. Then, with clean and dry hands, remove the tray from its packaging and place onto your top set of teeth. You can also do the same to your bottom teeth if you wish.

Here is a picture of my teeth before I began using this product:


Here is a picture with the trays on my teeth:

iWhite 2

The trays come prefilled with the teeth whitening gel inside them. All you have to do is lightly place them over your teeth and close your mouth over them. Try not to close your mouth down too hard as the gel may come out of the sides. Leave them on for 20 minutes and then wash your mouth out with water and dispose of the trays.

Here is a picture of my teeth after two applications:


I used one set of trays last night before getting in to bed and another set this morning. I can already notice the difference and my teeth feel amazing! I definitely recommend trying this product as I have tried out so many different teeth whitening products that haven’t made any difference to my teeth. This product is so easy to use, dental safe and provides instant results.


Where to buy iWhite?

You can purchase iWhite from the Look Fantastic website for just £29.95 and it includes 5 applications if you are to do both your top and bottom teeth. If you only want to do your top row of teeth then this set with provide enough trays for 10 applications.

This product removes stains from your teeth, strengthens them and instantly makes them look whiter.

Look Fantastic are also offering FREE worldwide delivery on orders! So do not hesitate to check them out 🙂

You can also save 14% on beauty orders at the moment with code WELOVEYA (*exclusions apply) Find out more on their website and why not give iWhite a try? ❤


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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I hope you enjoyed it and dn’t forget you can receive my latest blog posts via email by clicking follow >>

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Have a lovely Sunday 🙂


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