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Hey Lovelies ❤

I thought I would share with you guys a few new pieces I bought recently, including my lovely new Aria black ankle boots and grey t-shirt that says “What would a unicorn do?”

I am totally in love with online shopping, but sometimes you can’t tell exactly what an item of clothing will look like on by the images websites give you. So I hope you like my ootd post and I hope it helps you with your online purchase 🙂



Both my black and white fitted blazer and grey t-shirt are from River Island. I bought the grey t-shirt this week and from the images on the River Island website, I did think the shirt would be slightly longer and a bit more baggy. But it doesn’t matter, I am still in love with it ❤ ❤ It cost just £18.00 from their website.

I bought the black and white striped blazer a while ago now. It is my absolutely favourite and cost around £50. I don’t know if they sell it any more but they have some fabulous blazers to choose from on their website anyway. Fitted blazers are great and make casual outfits look more smart.


My blue tight fit jeans are elasticated so they are really comfortable to wear. They are from the ASOS website and cost around £15 which I thought was great! They have so many different style jeans to choose from and their prices are great. I would definitely recommend checking out their website as they have something for everyone.


My Aria black ankle boots are from the Public Desire website. I bought these this week and adore them! I have the same style of boots with a larger heel and decided to buy these with a 2.5 inch heel too. They fit really comfortably and are so easy to walk in. Public Desire delivery is also really quick and reliable. These Aria black ankle boots cost just £26.99 but I did use my student discount card and received 20% off my online order. I placed my order on Sunday evening, it was dispatched on Monday afternoon and I received it on Wednesday. Public Desire have so many different styles of shoes on their website and they have many in their sale at the moment, so I would definitely recommend checking out their website.


Thank you for reading my post, I hope you liked it. Please comment with any online sites that you would recommend checking out as I would love to try them. Remember, you can follow my blog to receive my latest posts via email. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter ❤ ❤

Have a lovely weekend x


4 thoughts on “Online Shopping <3

  1. I love your jeans! I have never dared to shop online because I was afraid I would dislike the clothes I got in the mail. I prefer trying them on before I buy them personally. I have struggled with the idea for a long time but I haven’t dared to do it. lol


    1. I agree with you to be honest. It’s hard to know exactly what you are buying because the photos on websites can be misleading sometimes. But if you use sites like Instagram, it’s really helpful to see how clothes look on because lots of people share photos of them wearing outfits with links of where they purchased them from. Definitely do your research before buying if you are worried, but online shopping is great because you get so much more choice x


      1. Yes, there are lots of clothing lines that do not have shops in my country, so that is why I was playing around with the idea personally… but I always chickened out in the end. haha. I think I’ll stick to regular shopping though, it’s safer for me. lol Thanks for the tips though, they’ll be helpful if I ever change my mind. xxx


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