New Years Resolution? How About a Fruiteatox?

Hey Lovelies ❤

Well we all know that the start of a new year means the beginning of a New Year’s resolution, so I thought I would share mine with you.I am starting my 2015 with a detox – trying to eat a little healthier to help my skin and to help make me feel a bit better about myself in general. Over the Christmas period I have eaten tons of chocolate and I am now coming down with a stinking cold, which we all hate! So what better way to kick start the new year than with a Fruiteatox? 🙂


About Fruiteatox ❤

So Fruiteatox offers 14/28 day ‘Daytox’ and ‘Sleeptox‘ packs. I have started my 14 day Teatox and I’ve decided to have my Daytox tea first thing in the morning to make me feel more revitalised and I will have my Sleeptox tea every other day before I go to bed. I can honestly say they taste amazzzing! The lemon flavoured tea is already making my cold feel so much better and is clearing my airways making it easier for me to breathe in the morning and the orange Sleeptox tea helps me to sleep which is extremely helpful especially as I struggle to sleep at night with my cold.



Fruiteatox Ingredients ❤

The ingredients in the tea bags are naturally sourced. Here are a list of the ingredients in my Daytox Lemon pack including information about what they can do for your body: (information on ingredients is from the Fruiteatox website)

Ginseng – from China

Ginseng is known as a ‘Super Herb’. It’s great for fighting fatigue and increasing stamina, so it’s ideal to drink before you head to the gym! Studies have shown that taking Ginseng daily can also increase the number of white blood cells, raise metabolic rates and is often used to control blood pressure, shock and depression.

Ginger Root – from China

We have included Ginger root for its ability to help soothe the digestive system due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Some studies have shown that Ginger Root contains blood thinning and cholesterol lowering properties, as well as being great at boosting circulation, battling bloating and relieving nausea. It’s one of our favourite ingredients, and it also adds a zingy flavour to put a spring in your step.

Yerba Mate – from Brazil

Yerba Mate has stimulant qualities that slow down digestion so that your stomach stays fuller for longer. Combining Yerba Mate with a healthy diet and regular exercise can help to boost your metabolism, thus enabling you to burn more calories. It can also help you to eat less by curbing your appetite slightly.

Liquorice Root – from China

Liquorice Root is often overlooked as herbal solution, yet it has proven itself effective in fighting high amount of fats in the blood. It is also know for helping with the treatment of ulcers, fighting fatigue, menopause, depression, colds and flu due to hundreds of healing compounds hidden inside its unlikely exterior.

Tie Guan Yin Oolong – from China

Also known as the ‘Iron Goddess’, Tie Guan Yin is a premium strain of Chinese Oolong tea and gives off a beautiful, unique aroma with floral notes and hint of fruit.

Lemongrass – from Thailand

Its fragrant smell and delicious taste make it ideal to add to our refreshing tea, but Lemongrass also has medicinal properties. It is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine, can help with relieving coughs and nasal congestion (which is great for fighting off those winter bugs), and also acts as a diuretic. Another great side effect of incorporating Lemongrass into your daily routine is for its cosmetic appeal – it reduces spots and acne, leaving you with beautiful, refreshed skin.

Fennel Seeds – from India

Fennel Seeds are a great source of dietary fibre. They help to ensure that water is absorbed throughout the digestive system, and are also full of vitamins A, C & E

Lemon peel – from Spain

We source our fruit peels exclusively from Spain. The lemon peel in the Daytime Detox is ideal to wake you up in the morning and keep you alert and refreshed throughout the day, and the citrus notes also compliment the Orange peel in our Bedtime Cleanse.

Lemon oil – from Spain

Lemon oil is great for boosting the immune system. It aids weight loss, is an excellent stress-buster and cleanses the body. Plus, it adds an extra fruity note to our delicious tea.



Fruiteatox is a great way to kick start 2015, so why not give it a go too? You can place your Fruiteatox order on their website and they even ship worldwide! They also offer other products, such as a 14 day ‘vegan eating plan’ and a 14 day ‘exercise plan’ to help you with your detox. I never thought I could manage without chocolate/sweets (the things I love) but these healthy Teatox drinks help with my cravings as well as staying healthy.

The 14 day Teatox costs just £19.99 – This includes 14 Lemon Daytox tea bags and 7 Orange Sleeptox tea bags. You have one Daytox tea in the morning and one Sleeptox tea every other night before you go to bed for 2 weeks.

You can also find Fruiteatox on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so why not follow them to keep up to date with all of their latest product information?


Thank you for reading ❤

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas & New Year. Please do not hesitate to comment with your New Year’s resolutions because I’d love to hear what they are. Remember to follow my blog to receive all of my latest posts via email and you can also follow me on Instagram & Twitter 🙂 x

❤ ❤ ❤


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