My Top 3 Affordable Perfumes <3

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Hey lovelies ❤

So today I wanted to share with you my favourite 3 most affordable perfumes to prove to you that you really do not need to be spending up to £80 on smelling nice.

My top 3 affordable perfumes are Rihanna – Rebelle, Beyonce – Wild Orchid and Britney Spears – Midnight Fantasy


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Rihanna – Rebelle

I recently purchased this amazing 100ml perfume on Ebay for just £21. What an absolute bargaaain! I had already seen this perfume in shops but had never actually tried it out until a couple of weeks ago when I was in town. I decided to have a whiff of the testers and came across this one. It wasn’t until I had actually left the shop when I sniffed my wrist again and fell in love with this scent. The smell lasted for hours and was absolutely gorgeous so I went on Ebay that evening and bought one. The bottle is also very pretty so looks lovely on my dressing table.

It is a very fresh, modern smell, bringing the warmth of the Caribbean sun, whilst reflecting Barbados, which is where Rihanna is from. You can smell strawberries, ripe purple plums and a jolt of ginger. I can very much smell vanilla in this perfume along with heliotrope and cacao absolute.


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Britney Spears – Midnight Fantasy

I have been using this sweet fragrance since I was about 14/15 years old and I still love it. It is a limited edition fragrance under Britney Spears’ Fantasy umbrella. It is a great fragrance to wear for nights out and is a sexy and mischievous smell. It makes the perfect gift for teenagers, although I still love wearing it now at the age of 21 🙂 This 100ml perfume can be bought for just £20! ❤


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Beyonce – Wild Orchid

**This perfume actually comes with a pink lid but unfortunately I lost mine so have replaced it with another one of Beyonce’s perfume lids.**

This is one of Beyonces latest perfume releases and it is amazzzzing! I can tell this one will be a sell out this Christmas so I would definitely recommend checking this one out early. It is perfect for casual wear and makes the ideal gift for someone special. It is an enticing, mouth-watering fragrance. It has a sweet smell that reminds me of magic and fairies. It’s high notes are: pomegranate, coconut water and boysenberry. It’s heart notes are: honeysuckle, butterfly orchid and blooming magnolia. It’s base notes consist of: blonde woods, skin musks and gilded amber. This perfume is a must have, so I would definitely recommend trying it out ❤

Beyonce – Wild Orchid 100ml can be bought online from just £20!


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