The Perfect Stylish Sunglasses <3


Hey lovelies ❤

I love a pair of unique, stylish sunglasses for the summer time or for my holidays. There are so many different styles of sunglasses so there’s no harm in having a few pairs 😉

I love these sunglasses from Veve Eyewear in America, they are gorgeous. They have so many different sunglasses to choose from and they have something for everyone.

It may not be so sunny here in England at this time of the year, but there is no harm in stocking up on your shades ready for the summer or for your sun holidays x



Prices ❤

Bethy Yellow – $40.00 (approx £25.60)

Camee – $40.00 (approx £25.60)

Shipping – FREE worldwide (Spring 2015)



My wishlist ❤

There are so many sunglasses from the Veve Eyewear website that I have my eyes on:

Image from the Veve Eyewear website – Clara Sunglasses
Sunglaases 2
Image from the Veve Eyewear website – Mia Sunglasses

I am in love with these designs. They are so stylish and unique. I would definitely recommend checking out their website to see what catches your eye too 😉


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