‘House of Ro’ Gorgeous Handmade Bags


Hey lovelies ❤

Today I wanted to share with you these stunning handmade bags made by Rosie Baxter who is absolutely lovely. I received a small & large tote bag and a make up which could also be used as a clutch bag. They are so sweet and make beautiful Christmas/Birthday presents.

Rosie Baxter creates some lovely bags, I would definitely recommend checking out her Instagram and Facebook pages where you can view them. All bags are limited edition due to them being handmade but she creates new designs all the time. She has made some gorgeous ‘chic’ design bags as well as floral and animal print! You can even have your own custom made bags. So, if you are interested in getting a custom made bag as a gift for someone for Christmas, be sure to order before Monday so you can receive them before Christmas. 🙂

Chic Bags
Photo by Rosie Baxter on Instagram


My gorgeous House of Ro makeup bag ❤

A simple, but lovely design and I love the floral strip going across the bag.


My small and large House of Ro tote bags ❤

These bags are so convenient. I will be using the small bag to carry my lunch to work in (it’s so adorable) and the large bag to carry my books, pens etc in. These bags are so well made, to such a high quality and so they can be used as your everyday bags.

InstaShot_20141212_143541 InstaShot_20141212_143910


House of Ro also have some gorgeous handmade, stylish clothing such as black crop tops, long sleeved crop tops and t-shirts. You should definitely check them out on the House of Ro Instagram page ❤

Please do not forget to follow the House of Ro Instagram and Facebook pages to keep up to date with all of Rosie’s gorgeous bag designs.


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Have a lovely weekend x


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