Benefit Cosmetics Big Easy & Castor Oil


Hey lovelies,

I purchased the new Benefit Cosmetics Big Easy Foundation and some Castor Oil this week. This post explains why and why they are so great!

Benefit Cosmetics Big Easy Foundation: OK, so at first when the lady on the Benefit counter in Debenhams told me that this would cost £27.50 I walked out. Could not believe the price. However, I got home and decided to read up about the product and decided to return to my local Benefit Cosmetics store and ask for a tester… I am so glad I did! Best foundation I’ve ever tried 🙂
Although the price seems a lot, it’s definitely worth it and I have a serious love for Benefit make up! I like the look of subtle foundation as I hate it during the day when you look in the mirror and your foundation looks slightly clumpy or patchy… This foundation has resolved all of these issues for me! It’s aim is to balance moisture and control oil, so it’s fab for people who have an oily skin type.  It’s a light weight foundation so it allows your skin to breathe and once it’s on your skin it sort of acts like a powder too. Although it’s a light weight foundation, it covers blemishes like a BB Cream and makes your skin look so smooth and perfect! I would seriously recommend giving this a try if you have an oily skin type and like a more natural look yet even coverage foundation covering blemishes. Right now, this is my no1 foundation product and you can buy it from Benefit Cosmetics for £27.50. x

Castor Oil: I love products that help your eyelashes to grow and this product does exactly that and you can notice it’s benefits in such a short space of time! I first heard about this product on a YouTube video and decided to read up about it. It has amazing reviews so I have decided to give it a go.
It costs penny’s so it saves you spending loads on branded products. You can also apply a few drops of Castor Oil to your shampoo as it also enhances hair growth and helps to keep your hair moisturised and prevents your hair losing essential oils. I bought a bottle of Castor Oil from Ebay for about £3! Why not give this product a go? X

Please do not hesitate to comment with any products you would recommend as I would love to hear your opinions  🙂 also follow me on Instagram for more updates.



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