Today’s Makeup Products


I am a qualified Level 2 Beauty Therapist and love makeup! I’m not the best and I don’t do it as a job. But I love to learn new makeup skills in my free time.

Today’s Products
So I started off by preparing my face by gently massaging a cleanser onto my skin. This removes any dirt which I then remove with a damp cotton pad. I then exfoliate my face to remove any dead skin and to clean out my pores which I then remove using a warm, damp flannel. The exfoliator and warm flannel will open up your pores which will make your open pores vulnerable to clogging up dirt so you must use a toner after. I usually apply my toner using a cotton pad which tones up your now clean open pores, making them tone up preventing dirt from getting into them.
Moisturising Skin:
Once I have prepared my face for my daily makeup routine, I use a moisturiser which is specially designed for my skin type (oily skin). I then use an eye cream which I apply just below my eyes to eliminate any dark bags or lines and gently dab it on.
Getting ready for the makeup application:
Once my face is all moisturised, I apply a primer. I love the primer from Body Shop (All-In-One Instablur Universal) which is great for controlling facial shine, hiding any blemishes and it also makes your foundation sit on your face a lot longer whilst giving you a smooth complexion.  I then use Body Shops All-In-One BB Cream which is absolutely amazing! I apply it to any red blemishes on my face by dabbing it on. When you apply it to your face, it is a white colour. But once you begin to blend it into your skin, it turns into a natural skin coloured concealer (I would definitely recommend trying this product).
I use a foundation that’s good for my oily skin type. This helps to reduce shine throughout the day which is what I hate about my skin. (Silly sebum) I apply my foundation using a makeup sponge as I hate the feeling of foundation on my hands and I also find that my foundation sits on my face a lot smoother using a sponge. I don’t apply a lot of foundation as only a small amount does go a long way. Make sure you blend your foundation down your neck so that you do not get a line. This will make your foundation look a lot more natural.
Once my foundation is on, I apply concealer to any blemishes that may still be showing through. This eliminates the appearance of blemishes. I like to either dab the concealer on with my finger or use a concealer brush to lightly go over blemishes.
I then use a small amount of powder across the whole of my face. This helps your foundation to stay on longer and also prevents shine during the day. If you have dry skin then I wouldn’t personally recommend using too much powder as it may dry your skin out further.
My favourite part of my makeup is contouring! I apply a brown contour powder lightly under my chin using a special contouring brush to either side of my chin, below my cheek bone, down the sides of my nose, my temples and round the top part of my face. Remember to apply very lightly as too much can look silly. This technique aims to define certain areas of your face by giving a slight shadow effect.
I then use a separate contouring brush to apply a whitish contouring powder down the bridge of my nose,  on my chin, across the front of my forehead, on my cheek bones and below my eyes. This highlights areas you want to stand out.
I would definitely recommend contouring with makeup because it can make such a difference to your facial features, it’s amazing! You can find lots of YouTube videos about contouring which are really helpful.


I find my eyebrows so difficult to get right! But you can also find lots of YouTube videos on how to achieve the perfect brows! I always remember my Beauty Therapy teacher saying, “Your brows are like sisters, not twins!” I believe this saying is so important as you can faff over your eyebrows for so long to try and get them perfectly the same but often they never are.
I start off by using an eyebrow comb to comb my brows into place. I then use an eyebrow brush to lightly apply a medium brown eyebrow power to my brows. I try not to get too much of the product on my brush because you don’t want to clog up your brows, they look better more natural. To get more natural looking brows, put minimal product on the inner part of your brow and fade it into middle section of your brows. I think this is really important. Once I have got the shading of my brows right, I lightly dab my eyebrow brush into the powder again and put a line under my brows to make them more defined and slightly blend the line into my brow.
Once my brows are ready, I use a liquid concealer to draw another line under my eyebrows which defines your brows even more. I then blend the line into my eyebrow bones so that it doesn’t look silly. Eyelashes:
I am currently wearing semi permanent individual lashes. They are clumps of about 4/5 individual lashes and last for a couple of weeks. They are easy to apply (with some practice) and easy to remove. I love them! Although it’s difficult to try and keep them out of water in the shower and in the rain! They make the shape of your eyes stand out. For example, if you have small eyes, it’s nice to add a few lashes to the outter corners of your eyes to make them look bigger. You can find out more about this online.
I subtly apply blusher to my cheek bones to give them a bit of colour. I like to use a more natural colour blusher and only apply a small amount of powder to my blusher brush because too much blusher can look silly.


I hope you like my post. I’d love to hear what you think and any makeup tips you may have so why not leave a comment? 🙂

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