Gelish nails

Have you had Gelish nails before?  I absolutely love them! They last so much longer than normal nail polish and help your nails to grow.

Last year, I completed a Gelish nail course. You do need to have a manicure and pedicure qualification to be able to do a Gelish nail course and to get your insurance. However, if you aren’t planning on doing them yourself, you can usually get them done in a local salon for around £20 (prices do vary).

Cath Kidston I spired Gelish nails by A.Hannah 2014
Cath Kidston inspired Gelish nails by A.Hannah 2014

What is Gelish? Gelish is a gel polish. You must cure it under a UV lamp rather than air drying them as you would with ordinary nail polish. Gelish lasts approximately 2 weeks without chipping. However, everyone’s nails are different, on some nails Gelish lasts longer/shorter than 2 weeks. You must treat your nails like jewels not tools!! 

If you haven’t tried Gelish nails yet then you must! I would love to hear what you think about them too so please comment to let me know 🙂

You can do so much with Gelish, from a basic colour to amazing nail art! I have only been doing Gelish for about a year so I haven’t had as much experience as some amazing nail techs but I do love to spend hours playing around with it. I love how Gelish looks thicker than nail polish, so you can layer it up to give a more false appearance. Pink Gelish nails by A.Hannah 2014

To see more Gelish nails that I have done, please follow me on Instagram – agongarian 🙂 



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